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Dog Waste Disposal Bags

We currently offer 2 type of pet waste bags. They are so strong they can hold 10 lbs. of quarters without tearing and hold water for 30 days without leaking. When it comes to selecting the best pet waste bags, choose Doggie Doo Doo Disposal services.

ONEpul® Header Bag
-with pull strap


Efficient, economical, leak-proof header bags. Pull-strap dispenses only one bag-at-a-timeONEpul® bags are certified 30% larger than standard roll bags. More capacity and easier to tie. We originated the ONEpul® Bag. Others are copies of our Trademarked Original. FITS ALL HEADER BAG DISPENSERS-dogipot, hd supply, bagx, crown, pet waste eliminator, pawpal, and more.

Bag Size: 8.5” x 13.75”   Color: Black  Thickness: 0.7 mil   Header Info: 100 bags per header  Slots: 5” on center

ONEpul® bags reduce wasted bags as much as 70% vs. traditional “roll style” bags, where users pull out extra roll bags to find the perforation, or vandals stream out the entire roll.

Dogipot, HD Supply, FIDO and Pet Waste Eliminator ‘header card’ bags don’t have pull straps – you need to ‘pinch’ theirs to dispense – resulting in inadvertent bag dispensing. FIDO, Dogipot and HD Supply’s are a skimpy 8″ W x 13″ L size – basically a roll bag on a header. Pet Waste Eliminator’s and Paw Pals’ are even SMALLER – 7.75″ W x 11.75″ L.  Avoid all of these roll bags disguised as header bags. Residents won’t be happy. Header bags need to be BIG, with a PULL-STRAP, like ours.

Our bags are unprinted–we never advertise our name on your property.
Order Today. Ships Today. FREE FEDEX SHIPPING.

ONEpul® is a registered trademark of ZW USA INC. All rights reserved.

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